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Our team is full of experts, but we don’t claim to know everything. The key in working with us is honesty: if you don’t know something, say so, and we’ll grow and learn together. We build our products and knowledge ourselves and welcome all who speak frankly and bring new ideas and thoughts.

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Trust & Respect

Our work culture is truly based on equality and friendship - at TradeCore, there are no chains of command, everyone contributes. Moreover, we nurture good relations. Choose to trust your colleagues with anything, but respect is mandatory at all times. No matter what, there must be no insults, no demeaning behaviours, and no malice. If you work with us, above all else, you will be an equal member of our team.

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Life Outside Work

TradeCore appreciates all its employees. Working hard is often mandatory because that's how dedicated business are, but our company culture acknowledges people's private lives. At TradeCore, you are committed to finishing your daily tasks during office hours, and we respect you for it. We promise nobody will then disturb you away from work without a good reason.

Building Thrilling Financial Products

At TradeCore we work hard, but we also work smart. If you like financial technology and believe you have the skill set to improve a growing, globally-oriented firm, we could be the right match. We are always looking for outstanding people who will impress us and who we will impress back constantly - send us your resume and cover letter to and let's chat.

(Trade)Core Values


Company culture is paramount to us - we genuinely respect and like one another. Putting work first is how we get things done, but caring about our coworkers is the prerequisite for all our work.


We have created an entirely new business category. In order to remain leaders, we constantly improve and learn, on our own and as a team.


We take pride in the products and services we build. All ideas are our own - we don’t do outsourcing.


Our customers are the alpha and omega of our business, and it is our mission to meet their needs and improve our service daily, in an optimal way.

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