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The Issue

Setting up a brokerage is enormously complex. In order to do it yourself, your company requires a great number of staff experienced in many niches - compliance, legal insights, programming, advanced statistics, commercial awareness, and deep technical knowledge for maintenance and support.

Moreover, the process itself is lengthy and costly - you need committed staff and aptly allocated resources. With so many challenges in the financial business, having control while increasing productivity and revenue is paramount - but it can be very, very difficult to accomplish.

Improve Your Business While Reducing Cost

TradeCore provides all the tools you need to lead and grow a successful brokerage, easily and fully under control. Our staff creates and maintains products and services which combine knowledge and resources needed to improve your brokerage: elegant client onboarding, ID verification, proactive customer support, advanced analytics tools and marketing automation, are just parts of the unified service we offer to save your company time and money.

Our fully integrated financial tools set up your brokerage in one week. TradeCore also instantly adds value to your business by reducing costs, optimising workflow, and helping build on top of your strategic plans.

Our Vision

TradeCore is committed to delivering smart and efficient fintech products and services, with the intention to revolutionise the market by making life easier for all who work in finance, and to make innovation-driven thinking into industry standard. It is our mission to turn the existing, complex technologies, into simple and engaging novel concepts. By creating advanced products, services and apps available to any individual worldwide, we strive to empower people to actively participate in the world of finance.

Benefits of Working with TradeCore

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