July 2020: Fast growth fintech, TradeCore, has launched its new platform in the UK, aimed at increasing the pace of innovation in the fintech industry. The platform can reduce time to market for new fintech businesses from months, or even years, down to weeks.

The platform was founded by CEO, Stefan Pajkovic, after witnessing what he calls the Fintech ‘spiral of death’; whereby fintechs fail to launch due to the complexity of the sector. It’s not uncommon for new fintechs to spend up to a year or more navigating complex regulatory or licensing hurdles; often then running out of money or losing relevance before they even get to market.

TradeCore changes this. The platform combines fintech infrastructure excellence to remove complex back-end processes to help fintechs launch quickly and effectively, taking the burden of regulatory responsibility so that its customers can focus on what really matters: customer acquisition and retention.

With more than ten key partner integrations, it will mean customers, for example, can access: payments powered by Modulr, including BacsFaster Payments, and SEPA, for euro payments; utilise category leading open banking infrastructure via Truelayer; and remain compliant through KYC and onboarding with ComplyAdvantage.

Customers have a single contract with TradeCore, along with a single price offering – meaning there is optimal pricing for the value added and no multiple billing points. Within this, TradeCore handles legal activity, making it transparent for customers, including billing, lengthy agreements and any problems that may occur with partnerships and leading vendors. It then integrates the wider payments ecosystem and handles ever-changing integrations which can be costly and hard to maintain.

Stefan Pajkovic, founder and CEO at TradeCore comments: “For too long fintechs have faced too many barriers to market in the form of regulation, compliance or costly processes to reach the market. This has stifled innovation, cost far too much money, and has had a detrimental effect on the ability of fintechs to move quickly. This had to change. And that’s what we plan to do with TradeCore. By partnering with some of the biggest names on the fintech scene, we’ve created a one-stop shop that’s secure, trusted and compliant; allowing fintechs to move quickly and with agility, and to launch products and services that can grow their customer base quickly.”

TradeCore’s platform provides:

Myles Stephenson, CEO of Modulr comments: “Modulr is on a mission to make money flow more efficiently through business and the economy, whether customers are using the Modulr platform directly or indirectly through our partners like TradeCore. Powered by Modulr, TradeCore is able to embed payments functionality and provide customers with the same level of access as established banks to payment services.”

“We value our partnership with TradeCore, especially as they understand the competitive advantage a digital payments infrastructure brings to their customers. We look forward to supporting the payments of the fast-to-market fintech community TradeCore is creating.”

TradeCore’s platform launches in the UK with founding customers FlexInvest and OrbPay using the platform to launch into the UK market. OrbPay is a Bitcon payments gateway for businesses, and is using TradeCore to launch its crypto-processing payments product. FlexInvest is a simple, commission-free investing and banking platform, allowing customers to invest in global stocks, as well as borderless banking using FlexInvest’s digital wallet and debit card. Using the TradeCore platform, FlexInvest is now able to launch in a matter of weeks.

FlexInvest’s CEO, Rodrigo Garza comments: “TradeCore is the true backbone of our product. It’s significantly reduced our time to market, meaning we can launch our product in weeks, instead of the 6-9 months that’s typical for an EMI application. The platform also takes on the compliance burden, giving us a huge growth advantage and letting us move much faster. Building on the TradeCore platform has allowed us to focus completely on what makes our product standout and on our mission to disrupt the mobile investment and banking space.”