We’ve been a part of FinTech world dating back to 2013, when we started out as B2C social trading platform. Soon after, in 2014 we’ve pivoted to serve the B2B market with the world’s first CRM tool built specifically for brokers – BrokerIQ.

First FCA regulated customer was onboarded in the same year, and not long after signed one of the world’s largest brokers, AvaTrade. We started processing more than $0.5B annually through BrokerIQ, and surpassed $1M in annual recurring revenue.

However, we’ve never stopped exploring further in the FinTech world. In 2017, we’ve created an internal trading platform that lead to discovery of regulatory and ecosystem burden on customers. Those insights helped build the vision for TradeCore Platform in 2019.

In recent years, finance industry has seen a spike in revolutionary software, making the services more tailored and easier to understand and manage, and the trend is still to fade away. If 2020 did anything, it has proven the power that lies within digital services. The devastating pandemic has not affected just health and lives of individuals, but economy as well. Where many traditional financial businesses are crumbling, a lot of digital alternatives are thriving. Now more than ever, the need for digitalization has skyrocketed.

Unlike few years ago, today the competition is significantly higher and any delays in go to market could mean death for a new business. That’s where we step in. TradeCore Platform is a full stack solution for building FinTech products, lowering the go to market time up to 80%.

Our solution covers key financial components that include Investments, Card Issuing, DigitalBanking, Crypto, KYC/AML and Infuse, a customer data platform designed specifically forFinTech. Making TradeCore platform a one-stop-shop for companies who want to launch next generation of FinTech.

Celebrate growth

To celebrate our growth, we’ve introduced a refreshed brand. Our logo already had an octahedral form, same way the natural crystal form of a diamond is, now it’s just more emphasized – transformed from linear form to a more solid one.

It was important to us to create a balance between stability of the corporate with innovation and velocity of a startup, and for our brand to reflect that. During our exploration, we identified with two archetypes – “Magician” and “Creator”. This has helped us guide through defining our new branding. TradeCore is daring, innovative, informed, and passionate.

We recognized the need for differentiation in visuals when we’re talking about our culture and people, and when we’re talking about products and work we’re doing. That’s why we ended up with rather neutral logo colour, and two accent colours.

Blue is highlighting innovation, and is used as part of our product, customer-facing branding. Meanwhile red is highlighting energy and passion – perfectly aligned with our employer branding.

With TradeCore being a base on which FinTech products of the future are built, we’ve felt like this emphasis on us as a Core of what our clients are building was a natural step, while also giving an emphasis on those who are making it all possible – our peers.

TradeCore is building the future of FinTech, and now we look the part as well. Our mission is to make the complex simple, break down the barriers to entry for a new wave of FinTech products entering the global financial services industry. And we invite you, to join us on this journey.