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Broker IQ is an innovative, cloud-based solution for startup and existing brokers that helps you operate and grow your brokerage. Designed as a cutting-edge, continuously advancing core product in the field of middle-office and CRM, Broker IQ gives you custom-crafted features to grow your network, enhance workflow, monetise your customers and nurture your business simply and effectively.

By choosing Broker IQ as your preferred broker management software, you will acquire a scalable and powerful asset to help your entire business grow.

Customer Onboarding & ID Verification

Broker IQ's dynamic, multi-lingual application form enables registration in minutes. Our advanced ID verification process leverages market-leading third party services and delivers a response instantly. Clients are either automatically or manually verified;

Back Office and CRM

Keep all your client data in one place, absolutely secure and accessible only to the broker. Broker IQ Improves your CRM experience by capturing all client activity and presenting it in the Activity stream;

Trading Platform-Neutral

Broker IQ is trading platform-neutral and integrates with leading trading platforms; start with a single platform and then switch to a different one, or use multiple platforms at the same time;

Payment Processing

Broker IQ natively integrates with top credit/debit card processors and e-wallet providers globally; we work with industry leaders, SafeCharge, Eccompay, Skrill, China Union, and more;

Introducing Broker System

Grow your network naturally through Broker IQ’s multi-tiered Introducing Broker functionality: new brokers are onboarded easily, the system calculates commissions in real-time, while advanced real-time reporting helps brokers develop and monitor relationship with IBs;

Bonus System

Clients prefer a broker who offers bonuses; Broker IQ provides incentive for your clients through bonus schemes; the more they deposit and trade, the better the bonus opportunities are;

Analytics & Reporting

Better client insights than ever. Monitor your clients' activities in real-time: all statistics and metrics of your clients' trading activities are instantly available to you. Receive reports at any moment and easily review payment transactions and communication history;

Marketing Integration and Automation

Broker IQ analyses your clients’ actions to let you place customers into dedicated segments and contact them with targeted marketing content; use Broker IQ and create customised marketing campaigns to incentivise, activate and retain your clients;

How does Broker IQ stand out?

We know that ease of use is paramount - Broker IQ stands out by its convenience for both brokers and their customers. With Broker IQ, you can focus on your business while we handle the big things for you - our entire service is tailored to your specific demands, your brokerage is established within five days, and our staff is there to support you during the entire setup or migration phase.

Broker IQ's web-based platform provides seamless customer onboarding and integration with MT4 and other retail trading platforms, along with enhanced reporting tools and analytics. Broker IQ is especially suited for firms that demand automated customer onboarding and advanced KYC/AML checks. By integrating with industry leaders in identity verification, Broker IQ ensures the safety and compliance of your business.

We are also aware that time = money. Our application forms and client portal are engaging and modern; onboarding takes minutes and is fully compliant with the latest UK and international regulatory and compliance standards, and our powerful client portal provides instant depositing, with data secured through industry-best encryption, in transit and at rest.

Benefits of using BrokerIQ

Smooth Onboarding

The client-friendly application onboards customers in minutes.

Better Customer Communication

No delays and no complications.

Modular Feature Set

Decide on what you need - we'll give it to you.

Integration hub

Already integrated with all the apps you need.

Full Scalability

We welcome evolution; if you grow we grow with you.

Advanced Reporting

All customer activity in one place, always available to you.

Improved Marketing

Customised marketing campaigns with targeted content.

360 Customer Overview

All your client activities in one place.

Efficient, Friendly support

Talk to us anytime. We love to help.

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